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The website www.toegankelijkgebouw.be has been developed in support of the Flemish accessibility regulations.

On this website you will find the integral text of the Flemish accessibility regulations (Regelgeving), an accessibility manual (Handboek), two online tools (Quickscan and Checklist), a glossary explaining difficult or specialized terms (Lexicon), a frequently asked questions page (Faq) and a page containing contact information of instances which can provide further information (Contact).

Here, we present a brief summary of the main content of our website for non-Dutch speakers.


regulations (Regelgeving)

Since the 1st of March 2010, a new legislation on the accessibility of public buildings has been introduced in Flanders. From this moment on, accessibility has become a required element to be evaluated when applying for a planning permission.

In addition to the integral text of the regulations on this website, you will find all necessary supplementary information to guide you during the design process. The new regulations aim at making public buildings more accessible and useful for everyone. It’s a mistake to assume that accessibility is only relevant for people with disabilities. In the end, everybody benefits from user friendly, safe and comfortable places.

Although the importance of accessibility seems self-evident, its realization requires serious attention of designers, builders and policymakers.

Read more about the regulations (in Dutch) >>


Quickscan and checklist

Our quickscan is a useful tool during the start and development of a design process. It results in a summary of the specific elements subject to the accessibility regulations. Another handy tool you’ll find on the website is a checklist which verifies whether all rules and regulations are respected and which can be added to the planning permission application.

Go to the checklist and quickscan (in Dutch)>>


Manual (handboek)

The subject matter of the regulations is restricted to dimensions and facilities as indicated on the building plan. The accessibility manual on our website goes several steps further in order to ensure integral accessibility. It does so by explaining standards and recommendations for detail and design. The principles of accessibility are illustrated based on case studies, pictures and sketches.

The manual consists of seven main themes:

Each theme contains additional subtopics treating specific recommendations.

Go to the manual (in Dutch)>>



In the FAQ section you will find an answer to many frequently asked questions regarding the regulations, accessibility standards...

Go to the FAQ-page (in Dutch) >>


Information (Contact)

The information on this website is available in Dutch only. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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